24 January 2013

Coconut & Jam Sandwich Bars

 Although Megan may not have been inspired to write a novel about these beauties, I certainly feel obliged to give you a lengthly caution. I warn you that these 'bars' are lethal. Almost dangerously moreish and the perfect thing for a snowy day binge. The warm jam brings back memories of making jam tarts with my Mum with left over pastry. These 'bars' are comforting. The crunch of the base against the soft slightly chewy coconut, I think next time I would try to add more coconut just to strengthen the flavour slightly.
'Stiff' egg white

The coconut paste - We added double the water to our paste
Megan, Guest Baker
Megan, Guest Baker
At first it may appear that the base will be too crumbly to hold, but Hummingbird proved to me that perhaps they have tested a few recipes. It's a thin base, but it keeps the 'bar' in one piece and reasonably transportable (supposing you haven't finished these in one go).

Finishing off the jar of jam.
I may also suggest that the stated amount of jam is not nearly enough. Instead, grab a near full jar and just keep spreading it til you feel there is a definite layer, but not so much jam that the thin crispy layer it lies on will fail to handle the moisture. You would probably use less if going for a completely smooth jam as this is easier to spread and create the desired layer. 

Spreading the jam on base - 
you want a good layer, right to the edge.

"Super yum! ...And thats all I'm writing." Megan, Guest Baker

I keep referring to 'bar' in such a way because I always think of a bar as being a chocolate bar- so a long rectangle - whereas these are squares. So what would I suggest they were called?...I guess not slices as that implies a cake, but more like slabs. That isn't the most appealing description though and doesn't convey the light texture of these... these ...tiles? I see their problem naming them now!

Next time (and I assure you there will be a next time) I may try a raspberry jam, or apricot jam, or stripes of different jams, or... Chocolate spread!?  And I'll cut them in to little bite size pieces so I can justify eating so many. Maybe this time they'll last longer than 24 hours, but then again probably not!
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