27 August 2015

Packing 101 | Shoes (Part 2)

Packing 101 is a new series that attempts to answer niggling questions about the hows, whats, whens and whys of packing for all different types of trips.

Missed Part 1? Part 1 gives you the basics and this post gets down to the REAL nitty gritty. Scroll further down to read about what combination I recommend for each type of trip!

Pick your shoes


Trainers seem like an obvious choice to most travellers, so forgive me for making it seem so simple. It’s not.
Converse/Vans/Canvas Trainers – My friend took converse on her trip round Thailand and ended up shipping them home half way through. Another friend buys a new pair for each new weekend trip to Europe as they soon get mucky.
            Pro – Look good, closed toe.
Cons – Slow to dry, bulky, no arch support, no good for formal occasions, heavy
Trainers/Nike Rosche/New Balance - I opted for tie dye Sketchers with memory foam inserts 
Pros Look good, closed toe, arch support, quicker to dry
Cons Bulky, no good for formal occasions, could attract unwanted attention or be stolen, likely to see fakes across Asia and wish you didn’t bother spending so much on them
Functional trainers/Running/Trainers – I saw a few posts that suggested barefoot running trainers for light hiking and the such, although I wouldn’t suggest them when you have a lot of walking to do. Make sure any trainers like these are bought and worn in a few months ahead of time.
Pros – Arch support, good for activities & water sports, less bulky option
            Cons – Check they suit your feet, expensive


25 August 2015

London Life Week 04-06

Well the last few weeks have be rather eventful, but not in the way that anyone would choose. First it was flu then it was food poisoning (sorry if you're my Facebook friend and have heard this all already)!
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